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  • Feane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP

Press Release

Rates Boost for Local Jobs and Businesses

Published date : 13 Sep 2017



The Government's proposals for supporting Scotland’s local economy have been announced following the Barclay Review – with plans to support nurseries, the hospitality sector, small businesses and the introduction of a new Business Growth Accelerator.

The announcement follows the Review’s recommendations which were published three weeks ago. The proposed Business Growth Accelerator will ensure all improved premises are freed from increases in their bills for the first 12 months – and all new premises will not have to pay rates until they are occupied, or for the first year afterwards.

The Government announced further measures to stimulate the economy, boost transparency, tackle tax avoidance – as well as confirming that the new day nursery relief will be set at 100% and transitional relief for hospitality will continue.

Commenting on the substantial range of measures, MSP Jeane Freeman said:

“These measures are extremely good news for small businesses across Scotland – and show that the only party that is prepared to step in and support our local economy is the SNP.

“The opposition parties were keen to make a lot of noise over revaluations earlier this year – but this wide-ranging package proves it is the SNP Scottish Government that will work constructively to take action to support our economy.

“Measures such as setting the new day nursery relief at 100% and continuing transitional relief for the hospitality sector will boost our economy both locally and nationally, and support jobs in our communities.

“And the new Business Growth Accelerator is very welcome news – supporting new businesses and encouraging improvements to business premises by freeing them from rates rises for 12 months, as well as freeing new premises from rates altogether until they are occupied, and for a year afterwards.

“This is strong, decisive action from the SNP Scottish Government – and we will continue to work to support our local economy and ensure that Scotland remains the best place in the UK to do business.”


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