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Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP

Press Release

Politicians Support WASPI Ayrshire Women Complaints To DWP

Published date : 10 May 2017


WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality – Ayrshire are building on the success of their recent rally in Kilmarnock by offering assistance with writing letters of complaint to the DWP to women affected by changes to their retirement age.  A drop-in has been organised for Tuesday May 9th at 2pm at Corri Wilson’s parliamentary office, 45A Fort Street in Ayr.  Other sessions are being organised for Irvine and Largs.

Women who are unable to attend these sessions are urged to contact Ayrshire WASPI at

The next Ayrshire WASPI Meeting is on 20th May at WG13, 13 West George Street in Kilmarnock from 10am till noon.

Both Jeane Freeman, MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley and Corri Wilson, MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock are strong supporters of the WASPI campaign.  

Jeane Freeman said;

“The Tory Government are breaking their contract with women by snatching their retirement plans from them in their drive to save money on the backs of women  who have worked hard all their lives and paid their taxes and national insurance.  The money the Tories are withholding belongs to these women, it comes from the state retirement pot they paid into.  WASPI women are yet another casualty in the drive for austerity, making women pay for the financial ‘crash’ and the Tories failure to manage public finances sensibly and the in the interests of the majority.”

Corri Wilson said;

“Women born in the 1950s have every right to be upset and angry with the UK Government on this issue. It is a long-held principle that when pension changes occur people should be given the right amount of time to adjust their pension plans, and for the UK Government to accelerate these changes without making the time available for people to change their retirement plans is grossly unfair.

“I urge all women who have had their retirement date changes without consultation or even notification to use WASPI’s help to make the strongest possible complaint to the DWP, and to get involved with the WASPI campaign.”

Frances Brown of WASPI Ayrshire said;

“We have been delighted to have received the support of so many MPs and MSPs across Ayrshire for our campaign, and that of East Ayrshire Council.  Our campaign continues to build, with more and more women becoming involved.   We are not asking for special treatment; just what we are entitled to, what we have paid for and what we have planned our lives with the expectation of.   The arbitrary changing of our retirement dates with insufficient, or in many cases no, notification is already causing great hardship and poverty for many women.”


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