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Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP
Jeane Freeman MSP

Press Release

A77 - Summit to Leads to Action

Published date : 22 Mar 2017

A77 :  Summit Leads to Action

Jeane Freeman, MSP for Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley and Corri Wilson, MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock have brought community groups, local councillors and government agencies together to find solutions to the many concerns local residents have about the A77 and the rural diversion routes used when it is closed.

 The roundtable discussion was held earlier this month and frank discussions were held on the specific problems of A77 maintenance closures, speed levels through local villages and the safety of rural routes used for diversions.

 The summit, held in Barrhill, was attended by road action groups, community representatives, Transport Scotland , Ayrshire Road Alliance, the Police, Transerve and other interested parties and was chaired by Jeane Freeman MSP.   At the summit, a full discussion took place about the specific problems affecting the route, including speed limits, road closures and diversions.

 Jeane Freeman MSP said;

 “These local concerns and issues about the A77, south of Ayr, are long standing and the key to resolving them is for national and local roads agencies to hear what local people are saying and act on their concerns. That’s why it seemed sensible to us to invite Transport Scotland, Transerve and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance to the discussion and to get them to actually travel on the roads we’re talking about.

 “We made sure that community representatives and local businesses were given the fullest opportunity to raise their concerns and put across their views at that meeting.   As a result of that meeting Transport Scotland have agreed to look again at their consultation work to make sure that community councils and local Councillors are consulted on planned A77 works at the first opportunity and not left to last. But that’s only the first step and we will be raising the specific safety concerns about rural routes directly with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

 “I’m pleased that the Maybole by-pass is now going ahead, but we clearly need more investment for this major trunk road and we will be pressing the Scottish Government hard to get that.”

 Corri Wilson MP said;


 “I am regularly getting complaints about Transport Scotland using weekend closures of the A77 for road repairs on the trunk road between the port at Cairnryan and Ayr. These repairs are necessary and welcome, but the persistent closing of the road entirely, and the subsequent diverting of ferry traffic onto small rural roads around Carrick, is an accident waiting to happen. It is also having a significant impact on local businesses and communities, as well as on the condition of the roads along the diversion routes. 

“Transport Scotland have limited options where the road width means that a traffic light or convoy system would endanger road workers, but more needs to be done to ensure that the full closure of the A77 only happens when no other option is available. It is vital that we get some kind of resolution in place that balances the safety of road workers on the A77 with the concerns of residents and businesses along the route, and the communities suffering along the diversion routes. Many of these roads are little more than old coach roads and are just not suitable for the HGVs using the ferry port.”

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